Hello Everyone!
Monday, November 9, 2020 4:21 AM

This is a project that I've started years ago when I began researching my family tree back in 2005. Since then it has expanded to include as many relationships that I've been able to establish.  It is not only a work in progress as new people are born but also in finding previously unknown information and correcting mistakes.  

If you find yourself or a relative in here or notice any errors or discrepencies please let me know!  I've tried to limit privacy as much as possible and only people that I can establish a place in this tree can have full access to see everything.  If you find any information that should be private that isn't, please let me know immediately.  Much of what is in here has been obtained through public records but there is much on living individuals and information gathered first-hand.

I am currently working on cleaning up and documenting sources better, when this was started the full scope was not realized and some of the citations are lacking.  

Top 10 given names


Given names
Given name Individuals
John 88
William 58
James 38
George 33
Thomas 32
Joseph 26
Charles 26
Robert 25
Henry 24
Edward 17


Given names
Given name Individuals
Elizabeth 58
Ann 47
Mary 42
Jane 32
Sarah 28
Marie 27
Catherine 22
Margaret 21
Lynn 17
Louise 17
Top 10 surnames
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