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Religious marriage December 11, 1811
Source: The Weald
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This ancient church has been much altered through the centuries, particularly after the building was struck by lightning on June 16th 1663. This strike, which entered through the steeple, caused massive damage to the structure and contents. Appar ently even the bells were melted!

The church rebuilding was completed in 1680. The font, dated 1666, and the five light eastern window, date from this time of reconstruction.

These events have left Withyham a rare example of a church built almost entirely in the 17th century; with the base of the tower and the north wall of the nave being the sole survivors of earlier work; the only alterations since this time being the removal of the north aisle and the building of south aisle.

The enormous Sackville Chapel was added at the time of the rebuilding, and completely dwarfs the chancel. It covers a vault that is the last resting place of many members of that illustrious family, including the famous poet and gardener Vita Sackville West (9th March 1892 - 2 June 1962) - one of our heroines and famous for her beautiful garden at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent.

The glory of the chapel is the monument to Thomas Sackville (died aged 13 in 1675) and his parents. Carved by Caius Gabriel Cibber, the monument expresses painfully the grief felt by the young boy's parents and is very moving.

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